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How to apply and remove Ortho-K Lenses?

Inserting Ortho-K Lenses

First you want the proper setup. Lay out a paper towel on a clean table and have a mirror handy. You will need your Ortho-K lenses, Systane eye drops, uniquePH multipurpose solution, Clear Care Triple Action disinfecting solution and your plunger handy.

Step 1: Thoroughly wash your hands with lotion free soap. Dry your hands with a lint free towel so lint doesn’t transfer from your finger to lenses and irritate the eyes. 


Step 2: Remove your Ortho-K lens from the disinfecting basket. We have color-coded your lenses to prevent them from getting mixed up. Red for right and yellow for left. Got it?

Inspect the lens for any chips or cracks and also make sure there is no lint on it. After the ClearCare has finished a complete cycle, it becomes sterile saline and is safe to put into the eye. However we recommend using your UniquePH solution to give it one more rinse for extra comfort.


Step 3: Put one drop of Systane into each eye to start. Then position the lens on the tip of your pointer finger. A dry finger is helpful to prevent the lens from slipping off. Squeeze 2 drops of Systane into the lenses

Step 4: Control the lids. Looking into a mirror, use your free hand to gently lift the upper eyelid, taking extra care to get the upper eyelashes out of the way. At the same time use the middle or ring finger of your dominant hand to pull down on the lower lid.

Step 5: Gently place the contact lens on the center of the eye. Close your eyes slowly, and that's it! Now do the same steps for the left eye.


Congratulations! You got the lenses! If the contact lens accidentally falls in the sink or on the ground, rinse it thoroughly with the unique ph before reinserting it into the eye.


Step 6: If something doesn't feel quite right or if there's a sharp uncomfortable feeling from the lens, remove it. Rinse it off with the UniquePH and reapply it. The most common cause of discomfort is lint or dust that has gotten trapped under the contact. If the contact lens decenters on the eye, don't fret. You can use the plunger to remove it 


Step 7: Pour out the solution and leave your basket open to allow it to air dry. 


Removing Ortho-K Lenses

Removing your Ortho-K lenses in the morning: When removing your retainer lenses, make sure to do it over a clean table or countertop, or if you do it over the sink, be sure to cover the drain. OrthoK lenses can easily fall down the sink.

Step 1: Thoroughly wash your hands with the lotion free soap and warm running water. Be sure to dry your hands using a lint-free paper towel.


Step 2: Apply 2 drops of Systane in each eye. With your eyelids, give your contacts a gentle rub to loosen the lens. Additional drops can be used if they feel dry.


Step 3: Hold the plunger with the hole toward you, squeeze the end of the plunger. Bring it to the center of the lens and once it touches, you can release the squeeze and the lens should come right out. 


Step 4: Put your Ortho-K lenses into the clear care case and fill the container up to the line with the solution. Remember to never put the solution into the eyes or it may sting. If you need to rinse off the lens, always use the UniquePH instead.

Step 5: Allow your lenses to soak for at least 6 hours in the clear care solution. If you see bubbles at first, good! You know the solution is hard at work to clean your lenses. After six or more hours have passed, the hydrogen peroxide has been neutralized and has now turned into sterile saline. Only at this point is it safe to put into the eye.

Step 6: Also rinse the tip of your plunger with the UniquePH and allow it to air dry as well.



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